15th Anniversary of DM: A Review of Columns

In the office
As commercial brands and architects began to think outside the confines of the modern office and how people work, office furniture and workspaces became much more appealing. Most of us spend a good part of our time at work, so it is more comfortable, functional and practical to change games in terms of productivity and happiness of employees. Every year the options are constantly improving, whether it’s real office space or contract furniture, and we like to document that every week in our At The Office section. Over the last year and a half, we’ve even looked a little at home offices because they’ve become our only workspace through a pandemic.

Circular design: Weez and Merl coasters

Circular by Design
Our longtime collaborator Katie Treggiden launched our Circular by Design column in 2020, focusing on the potential of waste as a valuable new raw material. The circular economy is a proposed alternative to our traditional “take, make, spend” model of production and consumption – one that offers hope in the face of environmental disasters from climate change to ocean plastics. Designing waste, keeping materials and products in use, and restoring our natural environment are so important to contemporary design that we felt we needed to create a dedicated space for designers and their projects that bring these ideas to life.

a wall with marbled wallpaper

Deconstruction: Background Calico \ Photo: White arrow

Launched in 2009, the Deconstruction column features a designer or brand that shares with us the creation of a product / prototype through a series of process photos and descriptions – basically showing everyone a breakdown of how the product came about – usually from initial sketch to finished product. They give a rare insight into the blood, sweat and tears that enter the design market and hope that consumers appreciate a good, original design.

Alex Proba artwork

Designer desktop: March 2019, by Alex Proba

Designer Desktop
This column was launched in 2010 as a free downloadable wallpaper for various technology devices. Every month we invite an artist or designer to create a new design with a quote that inspires them. From minimalist and monochromatic, to clear, daring and psychedelic, there is a bit of everything for everyone, and about 145 that everyone can still enjoy. Some people download the latest when the new moon rolls in, while others stick to their favorite design a little longer – ultimately, the choice is yours, but whatever you choose makes it ten times more enjoyable when you stare at the screen all day!

hotel glass pool

Destination design: Hotel Emiliano \ Photo: Fernando Guerra

Destination Design
Another column launched in 2010 is the Destination Design column – one in which we provide dream-worthy bars and accommodation that causes unconsciousness, which is why you will immediately want to take your passport and jump on a plane. We’ve presented everything from remote to popular destinations, from designs ranging from minimal to color kaleidoscopes, and everything in between. Inevitably, great envy develops on vacation, but we hope it will become an inspiration for future travel. Although we stopped the column during the pandemic, we are returning it in the hope that travel will soon begin to normalize!

Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

Friday Friday: Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

Friday five
Every Friday, from July 2009, we represented a designer, architect, artist, musician, creative, etc., to share five things of your choice. Their choices can be anything from a random mix to a particular topic, favorite subjects to inspiring people, things they can’t live without to the place they’ve visited – any and every answer is acceptable. It gives us all on the other hand a peek into the unique brain of every creative we wouldn’t otherwise!

metal planters

Get out! Terra Georg Jensen Collection

Get out!
This weekly column began in the fall of 2009 as a way to focus on everything related to outdoor design, from new garden furniture, barbecue through planters, gardening to birdhouses, basically everything that elevates your outdoor spaces. The design takes us through the cold winters by dreaming of warmer weather and backyard barbecues, and during the summer months we are inspired to enjoy the outdoors and the spaces we have created as extensions to our homes. There is something about fresh air, sun and greenery which is why we are coming back to more ways to improve outdoor spaces!

Skimmed milk: The historic building of Felix Meritis in Amsterdam \ Photo: Ewout Huibers

Skimmed milk
In 2010, we hired Leo Lei to share his passion for minimalism. Every week, he delivers items, furniture and spaces that have scaled-down designs without unnecessary details that will appeal to maximalists as well. If you are looking for inspiration on how to reduce your space or appreciate the clean lines and silhouette of a new chair, skim milk is the place to move!

birthday cake shield

Taste: Top It cake shield, suitable for COVID

Back in 2012, we added a Taste after partnership with TJ Girard and Bob Spiegel from New York’s Pinch Food Design. These culinary veterans not only have a piece of food, but add a layer of design element to everything they do and their passion for it truly comes to the fore. Every month, this dynamic duo brings all culinary things, from delicious recipes to food-related art to new diets, all at the crossroads of diet + design.

Unframed: Carving Paper: Li Hongbo’s Amazing Sculpture \ Photo: David Behringer

Another addition to our editorial calendar for 2012 was the Unframed section where resident art expert David Behringer shares the latest, most intriguing art exhibitions happening in New York City. He is able to discover and share exhibitions that most of us would never have heard of, let alone be able to visit them as they run. It takes us for close and personal insights into some of the most exciting contemporary art that NYC has to offer, allowing people around the world the means to view works they might otherwise never have a chance to see.

Where I work: Christina Z Antonio \ Photo: Andrew Frasz

Where I work
Finally, we launched the Where I Work column just over nine years ago and every month since we introduced the architect, artist or designer and their workspace. Through the Questions we get to know each participant and how they work, while they are given a look at their workspace, the tools / equipment they use, all the way to what is on their desk and the inspiration. After all these years, we are still fascinated to see the creatives at work and the space from which so many amazing designs have emerged.

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