6 basic necessities you need for your next walk

Walking your dog twice a day, every day can seem like a boring job when you don’t have time for it or are at the last minute tossing around on a leash. Setting up a routine and keeping all pet supplies right at the door is key to ensuring that you and your furry family get in the way. Today we’ve put together six basic things for pets that you should always have on hand for your next walk, whether it’s a hiking trail or just a walk around!

dog collar

A quality set of strings and necklaces is one of the items you should pamper yourself with if you are going to use it every day. You will definitely feel the difference with this Herzog collar made of terracotta string and terracotta, made of 100% cotton and weather-resistant silicone. Plus, your puppy will look so good – our #dogintern Code is proof of that!

Photo by Vy Yang.

harnesses for dogs

If your dog is particularly excited about your walks and tends to pull a lot, a harness is more appropriate for them because it more effectively discourages pulling from the collar. This JUST FRED kit comes with a leash, strap and purse to hold keys or poop bags.

dog poop bag

Something about a nice bag holder for kake just elevates the act of lifting doo doo. It’s just part of the duty of walking dogs (haha). This maxbone model is made of genuine leather in a fun elephant shape for a whimsical touch.

dog boots

Summer is just around the corner, you want to make sure your dog’s paws are protected from hot sidewalks that can burn the paw pads. These boots from WagWellies are made for this very reason. Open slots in the design help to slide and turn off easily, and perforated holes allow a lot of ventilation.

a dog in a raincoat

On the other hand, if it rains, a raincoat makes returning to the house much easier and less messy, especially when your dog inevitably shakes a wet body when you walk inside. Inspired by fishing raincoats from the Spanish Atlantic coast, this raincoat from The Painter’s Wife is made from recycled polyester that comes from a stink press and purifier for plastic waste collected from the ocean, fishing nets and textile fiber waste.

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