Ashley Kirkland’s favorite packaging for pencils and cosmetics

Ashley Kirkland joined Grizform Design Architects in 2017 and is their Director of Interior Architecture, responsible for managing catering projects through all phases of design. From concept and schematic design, to creating detailed construction documentation, she loves collaborating on projects to turn a client’s vision into reality. With a passion for historical preservation, Ashley draws design inspiration from a frame of knowledge. With more than 13 years of experience in designing and managing catering, multi-family and corporate interior projects, it is safe to say that the visions of her clients are in good hands.

After earning a bachelor of science degree in interior architecture from the University of Ohio, Ashley moved to Washington, DC to live among cherry blossoms and historical monuments. As the holder of the NCIDQ National Council for the Qualification of Interior Design, she is a registered interior designer in Columbia County and a certified interior designer in the state of Maryland.

In her spare time, Ashley combines a love of travel, exploration and food on her annual pizza bus tour of New York City. And when she’s not sweating in her favorite spin studio, she enjoys spending time at home with family and friends.

Today Ashley joins us for Friday five!

pens and packaging

1. Pilot precision pen with V5 ink
I remember shooting out of excitement in my first studio at Ohio University, where I met Professor Matt Ziff. As a fan of fountain pens, he declared for all of us eager design students to choose a pen. Requirements – the pen must have real ink and absolutely positively it cannot be tragically a basic ballpoint pen. After a few days of experimenting, I finally found the most perfect. The most famous pencil, suitable for colleges; simple Pilot Previse V5. Rewinding 17 years later is still the only pen I use! I keep a lot of them at my desk, in my purse, and even a few scattered around the house. I never leave the house without him!

makeup flat laid

2. Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics
As an interior designer, I also love the love of branding and graphic design. Cosmetic company Beauty Bakerie has some of the most creative packaging I have ever seen with playful bakery names for all their products. The Cake Mix brand base comes with baking instructions, and the setting powders come in a bag of baking flour! Beauty Bakerie products continuously inspire me to smartly rotate even the smallest elements of project design.

light blue office supplies

3 Poppin office supplies
I usually insist on a clean desk, but in the middle of a busy day, on my third conference call, I can’t promise! So if I can’t always have a clean desk, I might as well have color coordinated, right? I love the collection of organizers, pen holders and matching notebooks from Poppin. Working from home made it even more important to maintain an organized table, which used to be called my remodeled wood dining table. My sharp, white set of Poppin accessories stays in the office, while at home I opted for a collection of aqua paints.

a woman holding a child

4. My daughter
It was pretty exciting to live with someone who has no idea what’s going on in the world and who thinks everything I do is funny! I became a new mom in the pre-pandemic of 2020 and I love watching my daughter’s curiosity flourish – she loves discovering new things. It inspires me and reminds me to approach design projects with a fresh perspective and an open imagination.

a bowl of cereal and milk poured into it

5. Cereal bowl Obol
I’m obsessed with grains and maybe a little more specifically about how they stay crispy throughout the whole cereal eating experience. Obola’s gracefully sloping bowl has a cereal compartment and a separate milk compartment, allowing me to connect the two as I move on. I love when form truly fulfills a function, especially on important life things like grains!

Rad Ashley Kirkland:

restaurant interior

Aviara Restaurant

restaurant interior

Aviara Restaurant

restaurant terrace

Aviara Restaurant

restaurant exterior

Daily Grill

restaurant interior

Daily Grill

restaurant table

Daily Grill

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