ASKA uses organic shapes and pastel colors for the Maria Nila hair salon

Swedish architectural studio ASKA has renovated the headquarters and salon of the Maria Nila hair care brand in Stockholm, creating a wavy ceiling installation that looks like a drip shampoo.

Stockholm based company she used a palette of soft pink, peach and turquoise colors that refer to Maria Nile products to transform her headquarters into a four-story townhouse.

A plexiglass installation decorates the entrance

“The interior space before the renovation had a very neutral, impersonal feel and followed a white and gray color scheme,” said ASKA co-founder Madeleine Klingspor.

“At ASKA, on the contrary, we always strive to create a strong and flavored environment by defining and highlighting unique essences within each project.”

Marble floor with green check
The checkered marble floor has been preserved

The studio has preserved some original details in the building, including a green square marble floor and wooden stairs, while the rest of the space has been completely renovated.

“To add a layer of Maria Nile’s uniqueness as a brand, many other parts of the interior have also been changed,” Klingspor said.

“Some thinner interior walls have been torn down, most of the surfaces have been repainted, some new floors have been added, and all the bathrooms have been completely renovated.”

Salon Maria Nila in Stockholm
Pastel wavy shelves decorate the salon

The 650-square-foot building has 30 rooms, including five bathrooms, and both houses Maria Nilapublic and private spaces.

Although each room has a unique look, they are all designed to create a coherent relationship between the existing architecture and new details in the interior.

Specially designed shelves for cosmetic products
The color scheme is contained in the packaging of the brand’s products

“The program is distributed in such a way that the entrance floor is the strongest and then gradually the spaces become more private and workspace-oriented as you come more,” said ASKA co-founder Polina Sandström.

“The reception, lounge, beauty bar, conference and meeting rooms make up the first floor, while the second floor is well-suited for larger gatherings and events, including a kitchenette, a viewing room and a larger relaxation area,” she added.

Art installation made of plexiglass
The four-storey building has 30 rooms

At the entrance, ASKA installed a pale pink art installation made of plexiglass cut in a shape designed to resemble a shampoo dripping from the ceiling.

Much of the furniture has been specifically designed for the project, including product shelves, sofas and a wood and MDF beautification bar.

“In addition, we decided to bring in products from companies that use sustainable materials, for example, a custom-made tabletop from Smile Plastic, a company that uses only waste materials in its products,” Klingspor said.

The new interior design was designed from the brand’s own hair care products, an impact that is most noticeable in the pastel color palette.

Pastel color palette
The existing architecture is built into the design

“The color scheme chosen for the different spaces throughout the building applies to the different lines of Maria Nile’s hair care,” Sandström said.

“These pastel colors are one of the main identities of the brand and we decided early on that this is one of the unique essences that is important to bring to the surface through our design.”

Salon at the headquarters of Maria Nile
Gustaf Westman’s playful tables add a fun touch to the living room space

ASKA has also designed a number of corrugated wall shelves to hold hair care products. Painted with appropriate gradient shades, nature informed them.

“Organic forms are inspired by elements found in nature such as forests, the ocean, coral reefs and caves,” Sandström said.

Pink mirror in the hallway
The upstairs hallway has modern furniture in delicate peach shades

“This soft and playful architectural language, together with pastel colors, gives the interiors a unique visual identity,” she added.

Other playful hair salon interiors include a Studio Roslyn design for a salon that is an “art deco lover and Cyndi Lauper” and a Beijing avocado green salon informed by space-era design.

It’s a photo Mikael Lundblad.

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