Atelier Right Hub replaces corners with bends in Hangzhou cavernous spas

The Chinese studio Atelier Right Hub has created a cave-like swimming pool in Hangzhou, China, with a network of interconnected, circular rooms and walls finished in white clay.

Located on the 13th floor of a business building next to the Qiantang River in downtown Hangzhou, Spa Soul Realm offers massage and meditation areas.

Curved walls lead visitors through Spa Soul Realm

Local studio Right node Atelier he was invited to create a calming interior within the rectangular floor plan of the 220-square-meter building.

This was achieved by inserting a series of circular treatment rooms with curved ceilings in the center of the plan.

The blue sofa is located in the Spa Soul Realm Spa
The curved blue sofa faces the semicircular window

“If we look closely at life, we will find that straight lines are mostly found in artificial objects, while natural objects are mostly curved,” the studio told Dezeen.

“Whether it’s mountains or rivers and streams, they are curved and full of change and have more charm and vitality than straight lines.”

The couch sank to the floor at the Soul Realm Spa
The walls are finished with white clay

According to the Atelier Right Hub, the circular plan is determined by the shape of traditional Tibetan singing bowls – a type of inverted bell used for meditation.

The walls, ceilings and floors are made of white clay and blend seamlessly. They have a textured finish, which the studio compares to “walking barefoot on the ground”.

“China used to be a country dominated by agricultural culture,” explained Atelier Right Hub. “Farmers were mostly engaged barefoot in the field, and children often played barefoot as well.”

“These memories are also unknown and longed for in modern cities. Only when you feel the land barefoot will you let go of your defenses – this is also the way we hope spa guests will be able to enjoy real relaxation.”

The spa bed is located in the center of the treatment room at Soul Realm Spa
Private treatment rooms have a circular design

Each massage room has a brass clothes hanger and a storage drawer hung from the ceiling, where clients can store their clothes and jewelry during the treatment.

Curved clay walls also wrap around the perimeter of the floor plan to create a curved hallway in which the studio housed rest areas, a lobby and an anteroom.

“The interior space is similar to caves,” the studio said. “The curved ceiling, the rounded walls and the visual axes that rotate around the reversal form a vague space-time context that is difficult to synchronize with the outside.”

Glass doors lead to the shower
The showers are located inside a circular niche

A series of large, geometric windows make their way through the hallway, including an arched window that illuminates the small rest area and reveals spacious views of the city center.

Its shape resonates in a semicircular sunken salon with green banquets by the window.

The walls and ceilings blend seamlessly into one
The spa is designed to look like a cave

Other cavernous spas around the world include DecaArchitecture’s Europhia spas, which are carved into the foothills of Greece, and Brooklyn’s underground spas in New York State.

It’s a photo Studio FF and Studio RH.

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