BAAO and 4 | MATIV add bright colors to Mi Casita preschool in Brooklyn

The house-shaped openings and cheerful shades are located in the New York living room designed by the American companies BAAO and 4 | MATIVE.

Mi Casita Preschool and Cultural Center is located within a new mixed-use building in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The 3,500-square-meter space (325 square meters) was jointly designed by local companies BAAO i 4 | MATIVE.

The preschool is located in a mixed-use facility in Brooklyn

The goal was to create a space that embodied the school’s mission to be “home away from home” and to celebrate the different cultures that coexist in Brooklyn.

The center has several rooms that are loosely organized around an L-shaped sink, which functions both as a sink in the bathroom and as a gathering place. Natural light enters through large street-facing windows.

The project was designed by American companies BAAO and 4 | MATIVE
House-shaped openings are located throughout the space

The space has simple and clean finishes, including white walls and pale maple floors. Pops of color are included throughout.

“The color is used for dramatic effects throughout the space,” the team said. “The turquoise color on the ceiling and the light balls give the feeling that you are under a bright blue sky.”

The blue is paired with orange sherbet stains, which are located on the walls in the main part and on the staircase leading to the workspace for parents.

The school’s mission inspired the development of graphic elements related to home and city. For example, in the bathroom, the team laid tiles reminiscent of a collection of buildings.

Graphic elements related to home and city in the bathroom
Tile-like patterns of buildings appear in the bathroom

“The graphics in pale blue shades in a mosaic of tiles around the bathroom and sink point to the city skyline and resonate as a linear element in the window treatment,” the team said.

In other areas, designers have created wall cutouts in the shape of gabled houses. The openings serve as passages and a reading corner the size of children.

Movable furniture allows the children’s room to be reconfigured for special events
Children’s-sized reading brushes are shaped like gables

On the mezzanine floor, a house-shaped cutout contains seasonal representations relating to the curriculum.

Movable furniture allows the children’s room to be reconfigured for special events, including performances organized by the artist at the residence.

Preschool BAAO and 4 | MATIV contains wooden elements
Mezzanine-shaped neckline in the shape of a house

This is not the first time that BAAO, formerly known as BFDO, and 4 | MATIVE collaborate. The two companies previously worked together at Maple Street School in Brooklyn, which features gentle pastel tones and an abundance of wood.

The photo is up to Lesley Unruh.

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