Boffi De Padova opens a salon in the London borough of Chelsea

Dezeen promotion: furniture company Boffi De Padova has opened a new showroom in Chelsea, London.

The exposed view of Sloane Square is conceived in accordance with the artistic direction of Pierre Lissoni, and was designed by the creative division of Boffi De Padova, led by Chiara Tombari.

Boffi De Padova has opened a showroom in Chelsea, London

The space of 900 square meters is spread over three floors, and it is dominated by a sculptural spiral staircase that winds through the exhibition space.

Sheet metal covers the staircase, emphasizing the industrial aesthetics of the retail space, which has anthracite-gray walls and spacious windows.

A winding spiral staircase upholstered in metal in a London furniture salon
The winding staircase is covered with metal

Decorated as a modern living space, Chelsea’s Boffi De Padova showroom presents partition systems for the Boffi and De Padova brands, furniture and lighting.

Boffi De Padova brand designs such as ADL and MA / U Studio are on display, along with the Time & Style collection and the Horizontal Sofa edition.

Kitchen in Chelsea's Boffi De Padova showroom
The showroom is set up like a modern living space

“This is an extraordinary loft that further enhances our overall interior proposal,” said Boffi De Padova CEO Roberto Gavazzi.

“Chelsea’s Boffi De Padova perfectly reflects the design concept we want to convey.”

Dining table and partition in the London showroom
The products of Boffi De Padova and its brands are on display

Boffi, who bought Italian furniture makers De Padova in 2015, has long been associated with London.

The top brand of kitchen and bathroom design opened its first salon in the city on Brompton Road 15 years ago. Boffi opened his Wigmore salon in London’s West End in 2011. Now Boffi De Padova has his dedicated presence at Chelsea.

A horizontal sofa designed by Time & Style in the Boffi De Padova showroom
The Horizontal Sofa exhibition designed by Time & Style is located in the showroom

“The importance of London in the design panorama has spurred the expansion of our space in one of the city’s main districts,” Gavazzi said.

Boffi opened his salon in New York City’s Soho district in 2018, occupying the third floor of a historic building on the corner of Greene Street.

Visit the salon at 72-74 Sloane Avenue, London and go to the company’s website for more information.

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