CUT Architecture designs the interior of a darkened sunset for a Parisian burger joint

Medieval architecture and American western roadside restaurants informed the interior of this nostalgic hamburger restaurant in Paris designed by CUT Architectures.

Located in Paris Citadium – a multi-brand department store on Boulevard Hausmann that focuses on lifestyle, streetwear and sneaker culture – PNY Citadium is the seventh opening of a hamburger chain in the city.

Picture above: The yellow gazebo seat has a mid-century look. Above: The label announces the menu

Paris studio CUT Architecture – who previously designed the first, second, third and fourth PNY outlets – was invited back to create this location around the theme of “electric tropical diner”.

The interior, which consists of neon lighting, aluminum walls and embossed stainless steel, tries to capture the “vivid and unique” energy of the American West Coast.

Bar tables were set with planters in the PNY citation
Bar stools are paired with round tables

The architects paid particular attention to mid-century architecture on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Albert Frey’s house in Palm Springs, and sunsets in the Palm Desert.

Situated on an area of ​​over 75 square meters, the restaurant with 51 seats is led by a curved aluminum bar that surrounds the back wall.

The back of the bar is upholstered in aluminum, and above it is a retro lightbox that shows the menu covers around the top.

The PNY Citadium has an orange-lit interior
A slit aluminum strip reflects light through the restaurant

“The place is conceived as an architectural bracket set up in the Citadium; a roadside diner whose bar is coated with interspersed aluminum like a power line crossing the United States,” CUT Architecture said.

“The rear bar is clad in embossed stainless steel with a gleaming pattern that enhances reflections.”

The seats are set over a series of classic snack bars with banquet seats, as well as a series of high bar tables and chairs.

The cabins are set along the entrance to the department store and lined with large circular glass panels, illuminated by rows of warm neon tubes that change from yellow to orange and pink.

The cabin seats have an angular design
Sun-like panels are placed at the ends of the tables for privacy

Designed to resemble the setting sun of the Pacific Ocean, the panels provide privacy to diners and create a visual boundary between the restaurant and the rest of the department store.

“To achieve the specific shades and quality of light we wanted, we used neon tubes of old school signage instead of LED lights,” the studio told Dezeen.

The PNY Citadium sign is located above the bar
The shades of the sunset bounce off the surfaces

The bases of the higher tables are made of large steel cylinders lacquered in faded yellow.

The cylinders break through the shiny white circular plates, creating central parts of the plantation that are filled with arid vegetation that originates from the California desert.

Other designed sunset snack restaurants include designer Yote Kakude’s counter set in a Tokyo cheese shop.

While in a Hong Kong café, architectural firms Studio Etain Ho and Absence from Island pay homage to Australia’s spectacular sunset in colorful terracotta color and semicircular shapes.

It’s a photo Romain Laprade.

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