Darood E Tanjeena

Darood E Tanjeena

Darood E Tanjeena Free with other darood e islam is a precious gift for all muslim all over the world. Click The Button And Download Darood E Tanjeena.

About APK

Some Body Don’t know What Is Apk? And How To Install It? And Some Body Face Some Other problem-related apk So Here I will Clear This Topic with some Common Question, Problems, And Intro Of Apk And Their Uses.

What is an APK File?

APK Stand For Android Package Kit. The format of this file which and android user use it for distribution or installing apps. It carries all components that an app needs to install correctly just like EXE File in the window for installing the software you can download an APK file on your Device to install An app this process is called sideloading.

How do I install an APK File?

In Window: Install For Apk You Need To Software Called Emulator Download And then Install Apk File In it.

In Android: Go to your Android setting and enable The “Unknown sources” And Then Download and Install Apk File.

Uses Of Apk File?

A lot Of Uses But Here I Will Some Share With Your That Are Very Helpful To Install The Un-compatible app on your device, install the country banned app on your device, and also most the paid apps download and install free and Enjoy with there features.

What is parse error?

Solution: Sometimes Your device shows a “parse error” on installing time a lot of reasons for this error but it’s simple the solution is to used an old version of the app because the new version of the app is not compatible with your device And Its Shows parse error.

This app is not compatible with your device?

Solution: This error is very common in 2021 because a lot of app update and is not made for the lower android version, therefore, this error shows the simple solution is to install an old version of the app that is available on google in Apk File.

This app is not available in your country?

Solution: This Error means The app Are not made for your country or banned for your country that is why this error becomes but still if you want to install then method first use VPN (Virtual Private Network) For installing App Or Second Is Download apk File of this and install in your device.

How do I open APK files without installing them?

Solution: Use Apk Editor Or File Explorer Available on Google Playstore.

So That’s It. These Are Very Common Questions And Problems About Apk And If You Want To Read In Detail Click Here. If You Have Any Other Question-Related Apk Than Feel Free To Contact With Me Or Also Comment Your Question I will Answer As Soon As Possible.

About Darood E Tanjeena

Darood E Tanjeena  Darood E Tanjeena  Darood E Tanjeena

Darood e tanjeena with other Darood e Islam is a precious gift for all Muslims all over the world. People who are praying the Zikr of this Durood e Tanjeena, know very well that it is the effective and fast solution to all the problems one can face in life. Darood E Tanjeena most famous and beloved wazifa for all the true lovers of our beloved Prophet SALLALLAH-O-ALAIH-E-WASALLAM.

Click The Button And Download Darood E Tanjeena App And Pray.

I have added IN Darood E Tanjeena App many other Islamic Darood for spiritual guidelines for Muslims. Very small importance of each Darood is to explain below:

☀ Darood e Ibrahimi is Afzal for all the Muslims around the world. The one who recites it and sends this Durood on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), then Allah will shower countless blessings on him and he will always feel peace and be happy.

☀ Darood e Taj, For being safe from enemies and the Hasid [jealousy] of the Haasideen and the oppression of oppressive rulers, and to be rid of sadness and grief, he should recite this Darood Taj for forty [40] nights after Salaatul ‘Ishaa forty-one [41] times.

☀ Darood e Mahi, This will make the Fire of Hell Haram on them whoever recite this, Inshaa Allah.”

☀ Darood e Hazara has many benefits. The message of Allah Ta’ala to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) has come down to us in the form of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallim) have reached us in the form of the Ahadith. Let us see what both the Holy Quran and Ahadith say about Durood Shareef (Salawat)

Darood E Tanjeena
☀ Darood e Ghosia Among them, the person that recites this Qasida Ghausia eleven [11] times every day will be near and dear to Allahu Subhaana Hoo. Secondly, whoever recites this Qasidah Ghausia, his memory will be strengthened so much so that whatever he reads or hears he will remember. Thirdly, by reading this Qasidah Ghausia will be able to learn the Arabic language easily.

☀ Darood e Shifa, Benefits of Reciting Durood Sharif Translation Undoubtedly, Allah and His angels send blessings on the prophet the Communicator of unseen news, O you who believe! Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance

☀ Darood e Khiziri who recite this Darood will become the favorite slave of PBUH and He/She will feel comfort at heart. Who will recite all of these Darood e Khazwani, Kamalia, Mustafa, Imam Shafi, Qurani, Jinnat by Hifazat will be bless by Allah Pak mercy?

☀ Six Kalmas: We read six kalimas in Islam. These kalimas tell about Allah and our holy prophet.
1. Kalimah Tayyibah kalimat aṭ-ṭaiyibah (Word of Purity) (Paak) لَآ اِلٰهَ اِلَّااللهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَّسُولُ اللہِ
2. Kalimah Shahadah kalimat ash-shahādah (Word of Evidence) (Gubaya)
3. Kalimah Tamjeed kalimat at-tamjīd (Word of Majesty)[citation needed] (Bazorgee)
4. Kalimah Tawheed kalimat at-tawḥīd (Word of Oneness) (Akila)
5. Kalimah Istighfar (Word of Penitence)(Tawba Karnaa)
6. Kalima Radde Kufr (“Word of Rejection of Disbelief”)(Kufr Se Inkaar Karnaa)

Ayat Ul Kursi is one of the most highlighted Ayah in the Holy Quran. Muslims around the world recite this Ayah in abundance. If you’re going out and you recite it once, Almighty Allah sends a group of Angels to protect you from all kind of Evil that comes into your way.

All These Darood Adds In Darood E Tanjeena App Kindly Pray For Me Also I feel Happy.

Features of Darood E Tanjeena App

  • Nice HD graphics
  • Read Darood Sharif with Urdu Translation.
  • Easy to use the app
  • User Friendly
  • Low App Size
  • Excellent Readability


☀Improve App size and Graphics
☀Add Darood e Ibrahimi
☀Add Darood e Taj
☀Add Darood e Mahi
☀Add Darood e Hazara
☀Add Darood e Ghosia
☀Add Darood e Shifa
☀Add Darood e Khiziri
☀Add Darood e Khazwani
☀Add Darood e Kamalia
☀Add Darood e Mustafa
☀Add Darood e Imam Shafi
☀Add Darood e Qurani
☀Add Dua for Rizq
☀Add Dua for Jinnat sy Hifazat
☀ Add Dua for Mushkalat e Hal
☀ Add Many other Darood for user
☀Add Six Kalmas
☀ Add Ayat Ul Kursi


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Click The Button And Download Darood E Tanjeena App If You Any Problem With Darood E Tanjeena Feel Free To Contact With Me.

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