David Thulstrup is remodeling Donum Home at the Sonoma County winery

Granite, oak and rattan are among the materials found in the catering building of the California winery, which was renovated by the Danish designer David Thulstrup.

The Donum Home is part of the 200-hectare (81-hectare) Donum estate located in the hilly hills of Sonoma County, north of San Pablo Bay.

The Donum Home winery building features rattan elements

Founded in 2001, the winery is known for its Pinot Noir, along with dozens of recognizable sculptures that surround its estate. The collection includes works by famous artists such as Doug Aitken, Yayoi Kusama and Ai Weiwei.

Donum Home – which functions as a place for tastings, dining and entertainment – opened in 2017 with a design by Matt Hollis from MH Architects in San Francisco. The modern style building has a sharp profile and white trim.

Characteristics of oak in the project
From the winery you can see the hills of Sonoma County

Before the 20th anniversary of the winery this year, the designer David Thulstrup – who runs the eponymous studio in Copenhagen – was brought to refresh the interior.

The project involved adding new finishes and decor, along with reconfiguring the space to form three new tasting rooms. The goal was to create an environment that felt refined but relaxed by the careful use of light and local materials.

“The result is an honest, simple and not overly designed place that reflects its surroundings, while at the same time revealing an ode to my Scandinavian roots without any Nordic clichés,” Thulstrup said.

The rooms feature neutral colors and earthy materials, such as oak and rattan screens designed by Thulstrup and oak-paneled walls and floors.

Rooms at Donum Home have earthy tones
The rounded walnut table is surrounded by woven chairs in the tasting room

In one room, a round e15 walnut dining table is surrounded by Thulstrup woven chairs. Louis Poulsen’s lavish lighting fixture hangs over his head.

In the other room, Thulstrup’s modernized walnut table is paired with a series of simple pendants designed for Viabizzuno by architect Peter Zumthor.

Pendant lights are part of the design of the house
Original works of art are displayed throughout the building

For the building’s glossy room, where skylights introduce into the mild daylight, Thulstrup created a table made of California granite.

Near the ceiling float three mirrored glass balloons created by Danish artist Jeppe Hein. The sculpture, called Three Colors for Donum, moves gently in the wind and refracts sunlight.

The skylights have a great room in the Donum Home
Skylights bring soft light into the bright room of the building

“Their mirror surfaces reflect the environment and you at the same time, so you become part of the artwork,” Hein said.

Donum Home also features a custom hand-blown glass vase by Danish artist Lena Bødker and artwork by Chinese artists Yue Minjun and Liu Xiaodong. There is also a neon piece called Surrounded by You, created by British artist Tracey Emin.

Neon artwork by Tracy Emin
Tracy Emin’s neon work can be seen through the door

Studio David Thulstrup has designed a wide range of spaces and decors, including a photographer’s studio inside the former factory building and the Michelin-starred Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

Last year, the studio teamed up with Danish furniture brand Møbel to create a pair of tables – one made entirely of ceramic and the other of powder-coated steel.

It’s a photo Eric Petschek.

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Designer: David Thulstrup
Styling: Dung Ngo
Client: Donum Estate

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