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Fake GPS Apk

Fake Gps Apk Is The Great Tool. It sets up fake GPS locations so every other app in your phone believes you are there 328,100+ Users With 4.6 Rating On Google Playstore. Click And Download Fake Gps Location Apk.

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About Fake GPS Apk

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This App Is A Great Tool A lot Of People Love This App Due To Its Amazing Features I Will Discuss Below The Main Work Of This Is Hide Your Location.

This App Is Sets Up with a Fake Gps apk Location So Every Other App In Your Android Things You Are There.

It’s a Really Amazing App To Hide Your Location For Your Privacy. This App Help You To Teleport Your Mobile any Place In The World.

Has Tasker support and can be started/stopped from the command line (See FAQ for details)


fake gps apk

Be aware that after using FakeGPS you may find your location LOCKED TO THE LAST MOCKED LOCATION EVENT AFTER UNINSTALL FakeGPS!

It’s not a bug and your GPS sensor isn’t broken. There are two ways to fix this issue:

  1. Install “GPS Status” from the Play, launch and get a fresh GPS fix. You may need to repeat it several times with 30 min interval.
  2. Start FakeGPS, set your real location, and leave it so for several hours.
    You may combine these steps. The issue will disappear in one or two days – be patient.

For ROOTED devices you can mock locations without enabling the “Allow mock locations” option. To do so please use Root Explorer or other similar app and move /data/app/ru.lexa.fakegps~1.apk to /system/private-app or to /system/app (for Android 4.3 and older). Then change apk permissions to rw-r-r and reboot your device. If you find apk in /system/private-app disappears after reboot it means that your devices has S-ON mode enabled and so restores /system folder after each reboot. Please google how to switch your device to S-OFF mode.

If you can’t find ru.lexa.fakegps.apk in /data/app you may find it at /mnt/asec/ru.lexa.fakegps/1.apk. In this case, you should copy and rename it to /system/priv-app/ru.lexa.fake gps apk.

This app is provided “as is” and we can not be held responsible for any usage by the end-users of our app. This app is free with limited functionality and is for testing purposes only.

Features Of Fake Gps Apk

  • Teleport Your Phone
  • Change Your Location
  • Fake Location
  • Easy To Use
  • Friendly Interface
  • Secure
  • Fused Location
  • And Much More


-Add Fused location provider.


UpdatedJune 10, 2018
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires Android4.0 and up
Offered ByLexa


Contact: [email protected]

Privacy Policy: http://lexaapps.blogspot.com/2017/02/privacy-policy-fakegps-and-fakegps.html

Website: http://lexaapps.blogspot.com/

Click the button and download the latest version of the Fake Gps Apk. If You Have Any Problem With This Application, Feel Free To Contact Me Or Read My Privacy Policy.

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