Fashion brand Forte Forte “drowns” its store in Rome in green onyx

Green onyx sets the floors and walls of this fashion boutique in Rome by the creative duo Giad Forte and Robert Vattilana.

The Forte Forte store is located on Via Borgognona, a street in the heart of Campo Marzio – the fourth district, or district, of Rome – which was once full of artists.

The boutique was designed brandco-founder Giada Forte and her partner, creative director Robert Vattilana.

Upper: green onyx covers the inside of the store. Above: Asymmetrical doors mark their entrance

The duo wanted to create a store interior that would match the building’s traditional travertine facade.

“The focus is on contrast, because in Rome, contrast has always and always been harmony,” Forte said. “The boutique looks like a living monolith of green onyx, a precious material with a unique design that contains a thousand-year history in its marbles.”

“Green onyx creates a complete immersion in the action: it drowns the entire space, from the floor to the walls.”

Forte Forte has golden walls
Brass doors and wall panels were used throughout the space

Originating in Afghanistan, onyx was treated in large symmetrical blocks and worked to obtain a matte surface. Lighting that extends around the perimeter of the store illuminates it in a “cascade” of light.

“Thanks to the special mineral structure, [the onyx] it dematerializes in contact with light in tinted transparency, ”Forte explained.

Clothes hang on the rail at the Forte Forte store
The onyx door is located in the brass wall

Brass serves as an accent to complement onyx and is used to shape hangers, curved rails for clothes, mirrors and shelves.

In the part of the store closest to the entrance, the ceilings were finished with white overlapping panels, while further inside the designers placed a white plaster ceiling interspersed with port lighting.

The openings also adorn the brass locker room doors, on which the walls are covered with buttoned velvet capitonné the color of sage to create an interior similar to a boudoir.

The space in front of the locker rooms is occupied by a circular bench carved from a block of agglomerates, which wraps around a vase in the shape of a cloud containing the alocasia plant with giant leaves.

Circular details are built into the door
A circular bench is located in front of the locker rooms

Nearby on the exhibition wall are accessories, collected books, pottery and precious stones, including labradorite, jasper, rose quartz and green jade.

The locker rooms and seating and display area are divided by a triptych on a wall-mounted mirror, while on the ceiling there is a large curved shield painted in sage green.

Sanitary ware in forte forte trade, Rome
The toilets have a plush interior

The back wall of the store, which houses the cash register, is covered with polished brass plates. Here, a brass-framed onyx door provides access to the warehouse, which is organized with sage archiving cabinets mounted on rails.

The store is the eighth branch of the brand, and the others are located in Madrid, London, Paris, Tokyo, Forte dei Marma, Cannes and Milan.

The Forte Forte store in London opened in 2019 and contains clay bricks, onyx and plush velvet.

It’s a photo Danilo Scarpati.

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