Fendi Caffe features a psychedelic twist on the brand logo

Artist Sarah Coleman has added a psychedelic twist to Fendi’s distinctive double-F logo for a pop-up coffee shop she designed for a brand in Miami Design County.

Stylized as Fendi Caffe, the cafe designed for the Italian fashion house was located in the outer hallway OTL restaurant in the heart of Miami’s design district from May to early July.

Coleman manipulated the traditional Fendi logo

The cafe informed the brand Summer dizziness capsule collection, by a New York artist Sarah Coleman designed in collaboration with Fendi’s creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi.

Defined in yellow and blue tones, the ready-to-wear clothing contains references to the street from the 90s, as well as shapes borrowed from psychedelia from the 70s.

Fendi Cafe was in Miami
The entrance to the cafe was in the outside hallway

Central to the bold design of the café was the FF Vertigo, Fendi’s iconic FF logo that Coleman and Venturini Fendi distorted for a collection of capsules and repeated through the café in a range of bold colors.

The artist explained the influences that prompted her to research the 70s in the design process.

“When I first started brainstorming, I went straight to my bookshelf and dived into everything I have about the 1970s, a period of spontaneity and extreme self-expression,” Coleman told Dezeen.

“I think the ’70s are the greatest fashion age of the 20th century. Disco spirit, current post-psychedelic art,” she added. “There were so many inspiring aesthetic references.”

FF Vertigo defined a popup
FF Vertigo was repeated throughout the space

Visitors to the café were greeted by a spacious yellow canopy in contrast to the green potted plants surrounding the permanent Fendi boutique located opposite the pop-up site.

FF Vertigo is presented as a bold motif, covering various tables and bar stools, while more abstract swirling shapes rolled over the yellow walls of the café.

Potted plants face the pop-up cafe
The permanent Fendi boutique is located opposite where the pop-up was

Ball-style pendant lights and menus also included FF Vertigo in their design, while a more traditional version of the Fendi logo featured on edible cafe items, such as cappuccinos and toast.

Fendi is a luxury fashion house founded in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

Other previous brand projects reported from the past include a traveling installation for the Design Miami edition with pastel furniture from the 50s.

The pictures are courtesy of Fendi.

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