Hang Lung Properties represents the Blue Road 23-39 Blue Pool

Dezeen promotion: developer Hang Lung Properties unveiled the 23-39 Blue Pool Road project, designed by architectural studio Kohn Pedersen Fox, to “offer a unique lifestyle that combines urban buzz and living comfort.”

The site includes 18 double three-storey residences which are equipped with their own roof, yard, five bedrooms, balconies and garage.

According to Hang your lungs, “The crown jewel of development is undoubtedly House 31.”

House 31 has a total of 850 square meters, and consists of two adjacent semi-detached houses with interiors designed by an international studio Hirsch Bedner et al. (HBA).

The custom hand-blown glass chandelier emphasizes “the verticality of the double-height living and dining area, which enjoys plenty of natural light”

“From the very early stages of the design, we agreed that this was a great opportunity to create a timeless, modern, yet rich and comfortable interior,” said HBA Hong Kong Assistant Director Paulo Dias.

“And who were the clients they envisioned this unique home for? A well-traveled, cosmopolitan couple, passionate art collectors and patrons.”

23-39 Blue Pool Road
The artwork in House 31 comes from private collectors and galleries

The ground floor of the house includes Italian Boffi cuisine, a courtyard and an island entertainment bar, while the landscaped roof garden has a barbecue and a bar.

The floor chamber of house 31 is designed for privacy and includes the main apartment and the second apartment, both equipped with wardrobes. The residence also has a wellness and spa center, a study, a games room and a theater. The interior of the house features Italian and local Hong Kong fabrics.

Diaz and his team chose the furniture to create “different layers that add interest and increase the overall level of luxury,” according to the brand.

23-39 Blue Pool Road
The wood and green design is located on the roof of Blue Pool Road 23-39

“HBA is known for making finished parts that make each project unique,” ​​the developer said.

“Unique accessories include custom-painted wood veneers, unique glass and lacquer finishes, and custom-designed carpets,” it continued.

“Other exclusive materials include exotic marbles, such as a South African gemstone eye for a rod and a cow horn in one of the mill units.”

23-39 Blue Pool Road
The home was designed by Hirsch Bedner and associates (HBA)

Buying artwork around the house was organized by an internal HBA team from private collectors and galleries around the world. The living room includes works by Andy Warhol, Kazuo Shirage and DanHôo in a “bold salon-style display”.

“Elsewhere in the house, there are works like Damien Hirst, Lai Chi Man and Else Jean de Dieu,” the developer said.

23-39 Blue Pool Road
The interior of the house consists of Italian materials and materials from local sources

“The result is a vivid experience that relates to‘ simplicity, elegant details and beautiful custom workmanship, accentuated by unique art, ’Dias said.

“The overall impression is about drama and luxury, but it’s still welcome.”

For more information on Route 23-39 Blue Pool and Home 31 visit the development Web page.

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