How to Fix a Dripping or Leaky Double Handle Faucet

Double Handle Faucet

Double Handle Faucet

You always want a constant drip from your bathroom tap-but never when not in use.
A leaky faucet is so much more than just a minor annoyance especially when you can hear loud drips from the faucetspout as they hit your basin. A dripping top can also send your water bill soaring when left in such a state for a long time. Leaks and rips can worsen overtime, especially when it is caused by a pressure problem or Ceramic disc when one of the faucet components need replacement.

Knowing how to fix a leaky-faucet is an important skill to learn because a professional plumber isn't always available to attend to your minor plumbing repair needs. Spare faucet repair parts also come in handy when experiencing faucet leaks. Here is a step-by-step rundown of the things you should do as you learn how to fix a leaky faucet:

First things first: Find out which side of your double handlefaucet the leak is originating from.

Knowing which side is causing your drippy problem is crucial so you'll know which part to address with a spanner. To determine which portion is causing the drip, turn one of your water supply valves (which can typically be found under the sink). See which valve stops the leaking to know which side you should focus the repair on. Keep the valve switched off while working on your faucet.

To fix a leaky faucet, you need the right faucet-repair parts. But before that, it is important to know how to remove and set aside the cartridge-or in some faucet types, the ceramic disc or the compression or valve system-to see if this particular component is causing the water leak.
A damaged faucetcartridge is a common culprit for leaks. Replace seals, gaskets, or o-rings and other worn-out parts like the cartridge, or valve stem.
Take note of where each screw, handle, and nut goes so you won't have a difficult time reassembling the faucet after the repair.

Do not seal the handle until you have checked or tested the new components for leaks. Turn on the water supply valve to test out the newly installed faucet repair parts and check for proper water flow. Turn the handle “off” and observe for leaks. If there is no drip, they you will have fixed your drippy-faucet and can reassemble the entire faucet back to its working state.

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