Ivy Studio adds color to the space of the Spacial co-working office in Montreal

Mint green and burgundy are among the nuances built into the Montreal cooperative space designed by Canadian firm Ivy Studio to “stand out from its competitors”.

The office is located on the second floor of a 743-square-meter building in Verdun, one of the city’s most modern districts. The space used to house a Jiu Jitsu gym and a beauty salon.

The spatial collaboration office includes shades and burgundy shades

This is the first location for a new joint brand Spacial. Local practice Ivy Studio was in charge of designing a flexible work environment for up to 120 people.

“Being the first of its brands, this space had to stand out from the competition by offering a unique vision of collaboration,” the team said.

Local firm Ivy Studio added colored dashes to the space
The project was designed by Ivy Studio

The team divided the rectangular space into two different zones.

The front includes public areas that are mainly used for informal work, socializing and relaxing. On the back, the team has created a more private area with about twenty offices that can be rented in a variety of sizes.

Throughout the space, contemporary finishes and decor are paired with original building elements, such as exposed ceiling beams and brick surfaces.

In many areas, the team coated the walls with dirty white plaster and covered the floors with a light gray terrace. Much of the furniture is black, although the color bars are sprinkled.

There are elements of rainbow colors in the office
Colored dashes are placed on the solid walls

Upon entering, a rounded zinc reception with a rainbow-colored finish is encountered. On the wall hangs a blue circular mirror – one of several rounded elements in the space.

On one side of the lobby is a lounge and a trio conference room, each with a wall display.

Ivy Studio has created a mix of light and dark areas
The brick walls are in the office

“In the conference rooms, the TVs are camouflaged in front of matching, circular black mirrors, each of which is illuminated to highlight a white-washed brick wall,” the team said.

On the other side of the lobby is another public area. This includes a kitchen and dining area, including private cabins suitable for small groups.

The bathrooms have black tiles and paint colors
The bathrooms have black ceramic tiles

The kitchen consists of curved cabinets with a glossy mint-green finish and a marble-covered Rosso Levanto island and island. The base of the island is made of stainless steel, which mimics the chrome planters found throughout the office.

Near the kitchen there are bathrooms with black ceramic tiles and appropriate plumbing.

Ivy Studio set up a glass brick wall at the front desk
The reception has a glass brick blockade wall

Behind the reception is a glazed block wall that separates the public area from the private offices, while allowing light to pass through.

Offices are arranged in hallways with tiled and brick walls. Both fixed and sliding glass panels enclose workspaces. A dark burgundy shade was chosen for the carpets and tiles.

Skylights shed light on office hallways
Skylights bring extra light into the interior of the office

To ensure that the private space feels bright and cozy, the team has installed 20 skylights above the hallway.

“With exposed brick walls, sandstone floor tiles and an abundance of natural light pouring into the hallways, the overall feel is similar to the feel of working in an outdoor backyard,” the team said.

Other collaboration spaces in Canada include an office designed by Henri Cleinge at the Old Royal Bank in Montreal and a women’s space only in Toronto designed by MMNT Studio to feel calm but playful.

It’s a photo Alex Lesage.

Project loans:

Architecture and design: Ivy Studio Inc.
Construction: Gestion Gauthier Construction
Furniture: Ivy Studio Inc.

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