Lualdi’s system of walls and doors allows architects to create surfaces that perfectly suit their surroundings

Dezeen promotion: The Italian brand Lualdi creates customizable products that rethink traditional doors, including its wall and door system that can be adapted to complex architectural requirements.

Created for truly customizable interior designs, Wall and door is designed as a vertical system that combines modular panels and doors, and can be used to create homogeneous surfaces that fit perfectly into the existing environment.

The door fits discreetly into the walnut cladding

Lualdi, which manufactures its products in Italy, wants to combine advanced industrial production with its history of handicraft carpentry to create custom-made parts to suit the design needs of architects.

“In symbiosis with architects and within certain projects, over the years some door models have been born that could go beyond an individual project, becoming timeless icons of corporate production and marking phases of continuous research, experimentation and technological and formal innovation,” the brand said. by its design.

Interior of a Milan apartment with wooden paneling
A private residence in Milan received wooden panels and a door with a hidden touch

His Wall & Door collection was tested by the design of a private residence in Milan. Here, the system is designed using strips of walnut cladding that would unite the living room with the hallway that led to the bedroom.

The integrated doors in the same formwork are made in a thickness of only 55 millimeters and inserted into the wall where they can be opened with a hidden touch handle.

The discreet trim gives the modern apartment a classic feel that perfectly matches the historic 19th-century building in which it is located.

Lualdi's wooden hallway
Glossy formwork decorates the hallway

Lualdi describes Wall & Door as “a white canvas that can be covered according to the needs and requirements of the architect and the client”. The system can be varnished and covered with wood, leather, fabrics, metals or wooden slats.

The company also provides a service that monitors the architect’s projects from system design to system implementation.

For a private residence in Qingdao, China, Lualdi has equipped more than 1,000 square meters of doors and trim, suspended ceilings and partition systems in all rooms.

A house in China with Lualdi walls
In this Chinese home, Lualdi designed light wood paneling and doors. Photo: Qingdao Elite Art Co. Ltd.

Wall & Door allows designers to work at the full height of the wall and can be used to conceal or reveal various aspects of rooms, as well as to create smart solutions for cabinets and partitions.

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