Masquespacio is designing a colored hamburger restaurant in Turin

Spanish design agency Masquespacio has created the interiors of Italian fast food chain Bun’s Torino, which combines pink and green blocks with a blue seating area designed to look like a pool.

Good Turin is a burger that takes its bold identity from Milan’s first restaurant, Bun, which he also designed Maskspacio.

“The target customer of this restaurant is the urban lifestyle of people born late in the millennium and the new generation Z,” Masquespacia co-founder Christophe Penasse told Dezeen.

The burger is in Turin

Characterized by three different colorful areas, the burger joint uses pink, blue and green to playfully carve out different spaces in the restaurant.

The sections are designed so that the three large shop windows display each color as a separate blocked space on the outside.

The restaurant is located in Turin
The restaurant has green and pink sections

Upon entering Turin Bun, visitors are greeted by an ordering bar and a fridge for drinks and ice cream colored with dusty sage in the restaurant’s green trademark.

Illuminated digital menus with menus with gold accents show the food options in the restaurant, while a version of the same neon burger logo found at Buna’s Milan branch glows from a nearby pillar.

Colorful tiles make up the Masquespacio restaurant
The neon hamburger sign glows from the pillar

Pink and blue are used for two different seating areas, both along with built-in furniture.

In the pink part, the central table painted partly in green covers the pink and green part of the restaurant.

Sugar-pink terrazzo stairs that double as jardinieres lead visitors to seats tucked into vaulted cabins in the pink seating area, which also houses hamburger toilets.

The planter is located in a pink seating area
The pink seating area has terrazzo stairs

The all-blue Bun Turin seating area is built of pale tiles designed to look like a pool.

The area features fake pool ladders that give visitors the impression of floating in the water while eating.

“Once we defined Bun’s identity, we developed the project in 3D,” Penasse said.

“At the end of the procedure, we do a lot of experiments to achieve the right combination of colors and materials,” the designer continued.

“In this case, we had several color combination options, all focused on a younger audience.”

Masquespacio designed the seating area by the pool
The blue seating area is reminiscent of a swimming pool

Except tiles from Supplement, all the furniture in Bun Turin was designed by Masquespacio.

“It’s important for clients that bun spaces can be recognized wherever they are,” Penasse explained.

“For that reason, the design will evolve and be a little different in each space, but it will retain a clear identity.”

Masquespacio designed three sections in color blocks
Each part of the street opens with a large window

Masquespacio is a Valencia-based design agency founded in 2010 by Penasse and Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, known for using bright colors.

Other recent studio projects include painted student apartments in Bilbao and a stucco and terracotta restaurant in the Spanish city of Aragon built of twisted shapes informed by the nearby Pyrenees.

It’s a photo Gregory Abbate.

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