Mustard yellow tiles covered the walls of this hotel in Chengdu by Archetype

The mesh patterns and sharp lines are softened by the earthy color palette in this hotel interior in Chengdu, China, by the local firm Archetype Design Organization.

Located in a 2002 building that was previously used for shops and offices, measuring 3,209 square feet Buda Hotel it is located between the busy city avenue of Yizhou and a quiet neighborhood.

Yellow tiles are located in the lobby of the Buda Hotel (above) and on the staircase leading to the guest rooms (picture above)

“For our stay at the hotel, we hope to achieve the process of integration; the experience of memory and the state of forgetting ourselves,” the architects told Dezeen.

“[A] a warm, gentle, cozy and relaxing place – hopefully a selfless experience. “

Archetype hotel in yellow tiles with dim lighting in the hotel
The corridors are atmospherically lit through low-level recesses

Outside, the hotel is covered with charcoal-colored silicate cardboard. The entrance is covered with walnut tiles and rectangular mustard with yellow tiles, leading passengers inside.

Mustard tiles continue in the hotel lobby where they extend over the vaulted ceiling which the architects said was set to evoke a homely atmosphere.

A hallway with yellow tiles and a white armchair in the bedroom of the Buda Hotel
The hotel rooms are naturally lit and feature brightly colored furniture

“The first purpose is to give depth and support for light into the space, and the second purpose is to wrap the shape so that comfort is seen in the mind,” the studio said.

“The leap in color is defining the relaxation and sweetness of the hotel, and we chose yellow to maintain the hotel’s visual temperature. Choosing mustard-yellow tiles is to enhance the meticulous experience, while ensuring the hotel’s durability.

In the lobby, tiles are combined with sharp white walls and dark walnut wood. A staircase with illuminated spherical sculptures installed in niches leads to 57 hotel rooms.

Dark corridors, atmospherically lit by low-level recessed lighting, are interspersed with walnut-shaped doors fitted with frosted glass mesh.

Archetypes in the lobby and beds with white sheets inside the hotel
Walnut doors lead to the bedrooms

Unlike the dark hallways and lobby areas, the hotel rooms are naturally lit. Dark walnut linings continue inside the rooms and are used on furniture and shutters, while whitish rectangular tiles, white bedding and brown leather create a lighter mood.

The hotel also includes a gym, restaurant, bar, office and meeting rooms.

Wooden doors and red stone counters in the bathroom of the Buda Hotel
In the bathrooms, the wood is opposite the stone counters

The archetype design organization was founded in Chengdu in 2014 by Jinnan Liao.

The curved tiled wall is also used to guide customers inside this minimal confectionery in Hangzhou, while pink tiles have been added to the façade of the London flat extension to create an unusual exterior.

Photo courtesy of Chuan HE / Here Space Photography.

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