Perkins & Will designs interiors with a “sense of connectedness” for the Texas office

Architectural firm Perkins & Will has completed an office interior in Dallas, Texas for Signify Health Center, centered around a large steel staircase and wooden meeting platform.

He approached the global practice, which has an office in Dallas, to create a 13,700-square-foot workplace that would emphasize collaboration, connectivity, and transparency, while meeting a wide range of workspace requirements.

The design of the office is for health care Signify

To achieve this, the six floors of the office are divided into a series of “workplace neighborhoods” around a central core in which elevators and storage spaces are located.

This arrangement provides everything from private meeting rooms, meeting rooms and makeshift meeting rooms to common areas, including a large area on the seventh floor with a tiled kitchenette, games, a projection screen and sofas.

Perkins & Will designed a large metal staircase
A metal staircase creates a focal point for the office

“The intention was to create transparency and accessibility, similar to a‘ living organism ’, bringing the theme of design back into healthcare and the company’s commitment to well-being,” the studio said.

Adjacent to this common area are large metal staircases created in collaboration with Dallas metalworking firm Big D Metalworks, which are wrapped in various seats at the base to create a focal point not only for the floor but for the entire office.

“A mandatory feature of the renovation was the monumental staircase, conceived in collaboration with Big D Metalworks, to physically and metaphorically represent a connection throughout the firm,” the practice says.

“The staircase promotes access to the executive team, while the wooden platform at the foot of the staircase serves as additional seating space, thus enabling large meetings in the town hall.”

Perkins & Will used Signify brand colors in the space
Blue and orange dominate the design of the office

The more open office spaces offer a range of furniture types, designed to be customizable depending on the type of meeting – from seating and bar stools in the style of a café to softer armchairs and more private cabins.

Each level of the office is united by finding in orange and blue – the color of the Signify brand – which is applied to the walls and extends to the closed concrete floors in the area of ​​the elevator core and the fire escape.

All materials used were checked by Perkins & Will
Bars and booths create meeting spaces

All materials used in the interior have been tested by Perkins & Will’s material health insurance program, which aims to reduce and eliminate “worrying substances” in a built environment that negatively affect health.

The London office of Perkins & Will recently developed the Now database – a directory listing products that support the pledge of the studio that all of its internal upgrades by 2030 will be carbon embedded in zero.

The company also recently unveiled plans to revive a vacant 1970s office building in Alaska, covering it with a glazed facade to mimic a glacier.

It’s a photo Peter Molick.

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