Separate or preserve wooden kitchen utensils

Splurge or Sava is back! I took a few weeks off from finding the splurge or saving the findings to create more content and do it myself. If you want to see the splurge of past weeks or save the findings, click here [HERE] to see them all! Today I found some great wooden kitchen accessories. Having a bright white kitchen, it’s important to break up the white color with some other colors and textures. I always address that with great wooden accessories! Take a look down at all my halabuke or save wooden kitchen utensils!


Buy both splurges or save on drying racks by clicking on the images below:


Buy splurges too or save the options of an antique bread plate above by clicking on the images below:


Buy both spreads or save the wooden cookware holders above by clicking on the images below:


Buy both spreaders or save up the dough bowls (plus some extras) by clicking on the images below:

Buy all the scattered product or save the wooden kitchen utensils above by clicking on the pictures below:

I would love to know how you add color to your spaces. Do you have a favorite color or texture that you like? Let me know how you like this splurge or save and what you hope to find in the upcoming splurge or save the blog post on Facebook or Instagram!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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