Summer outdoor games + activities that guarantee a good time

Do you have big plans for this summer? Maybe a trip or a week at the beach? Or maybe you’ll stay close to home for another season. No matter where the fun takes you, it helps to have a few things guaranteed to start the good times. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite games and outdoor activities perfect for hot summer days and nights!

>>> Heat Wave 3 ′ Mega Jumbling Tower by Sunnylife
Just as much fun for adults as it is for children, this giant tower of 45 blocks of pine wood features coated saturated colors that feel like summer.

tower game

>>> Giant Jumbling Tower by Sunnylife
Measuring at about half the height of the Mega Jumpling Tower, the Giant Jumbling Tower is just as much fun. Aside from stacking, it’s great for building imagination.

basketball board

>>> Love sports mini hoop board from round21
Place this mini polycarbonate board with a modern pattern on the outside door for fun that will surely last all summer and long into the fall.


>>> Moon Chalk, a set of 3 Areaware manufacturers
Push, drag, rotate and roll on any chalk-friendly surface to create frescoes and drawing pavements with the shapes of Cosmic Pollen, Lunar Rake and Satellite Stack.


>>> Mega 4 in a row, Sunnylife
Partially played, partly modern art, this elegant black-and-white hit in a classic game looks just as well played as in the middle of a fierce match.

inflatable pool

>>> Inflatable pool Terrazzo by Mylle
One of the most beautiful inflatable pools you can own, this beautiful oasis with a terrazzo pattern will help you spend your summer dog days in the finest way.

stacking game

>>> Blockitecture Deco Mega Set was created by Areaware
Create a dream world of cities and buildings by stacking and balancing to your heart’s content with this 20-piece set inspired by vibrant postmodern architecture.

modern children's playroom

>>> Haus: Haus, a modern children’s playroom
In addition to the beautiful modern design, we love that the Haus can be used outside or brought in on rainy days for just as much research and creativity.

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