Ten beautiful and practical combined kitchens and dining rooms

For our latest lookbook, we found ten projects in the Dezeen archive where kitchens and dining rooms are combined into one practical and social space.

Most homes around the world have traditionally had separate areas for preparing and eating food, but in the last few decades the popularity of combined kitchen dining rooms has risen sharply.

These are more informal spaces that can host a variety of activities, including entertainment, work at home, as well as cooking and eating.

Kitchen dining rooms can also save space in smaller homes.

The ten examples below show some of the best examples from Dezeen’s archive and feature a variety of kitchen layouts, including island kitchens, peninsula kitchens and kitchens with breakfast bars.

This is the latest review of our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provides visual inspiration for the home. Previous kitchen-related roundings include compact kitchens and terrazzo kitchens.

House of Lovers, Spain, by Isla Architects

The local studio Isla Architects adapted and improved this holiday home on the Spanish island of Mallorca, using minimalist material and a palette of colors to “discover the simple geometry of the building”.

In the kitchen and dining room, matte white cabinets and work surfaces complement the off-white walls.

The tiled floor takes on the warm terracotta exterior color of the house, while utilities like sinks and hobs have clean, undecorated designs that contrast with the rustic wooden dining table and chairs.

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The Cedars, Michael Yarinsky Studio

The Cedars, USA, Michael Yarinsky

Cedars on Long Island in New York City has a bright, open-plan kitchen and dining area with a kitchenette that has a tiled back wall to separate it from the rest of the room.

In addition to the larger dining table, there is also a breakfast bar for a more informal meal in the kitchen corner, which is painted in a dark kerosene blue color to match the cupboards.

The black chairs of the Danish furniture brand Hay J1110 add a pleasing graphic touch to the room, while the playful light of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio hangs above the table.

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Bright kitchen in the house of Perth

Marine, Australia, by David Barr Architects

Wood runs through this kitchen and dining room in an extension of a house in Perth, Australia, designed by David Barr Architects.

Wooden cabinets and a wooden kitchen island covered with gray stone slabs are located next to a wood-paneled wall that hides the oven and various storage areas.

Above the sink and work areas, open shelves contain a collection of decorative pottery, while a matching ceramic jug and bowl sit on a wooden dining table. One side of the kitchen island functions as a breakfast bar, along with Mattiazzi’s ash chairs.

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Kitchen in a Shark House in Genoa, by Dodi Moss

Shark House, Italy, by Dodi Moss

This loft apartment inside a 300-year-old building in Genoa, Italy is designed to feel as open and spacious as possible. In the kitchen and dining room next to the red brick wall is a one-sided kitchen in a soothing dark gray shade.

This leaves room for a dining table and a choice of bent chairs with rattan seats. The oven and refrigerator are hidden in white cabinets that blend in with the wall.

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House with three chimneys TW Ryan Architecture

Three Chimney House, USA, by TW Ryan Architecture

A large kitchen island with a marble countertop is located in the middle of this kitchen and dining room in the Three Chimneys house in rural Virginia.

A design used by both modernism and Southern colonial style, the room has been given a striking palette of materials. The stone floor corresponds to the stone spray that runs along the kitchen workspaces, while the tiled wall stands under the white ceiling at an angle.

Modern chairs with a backrest from the middle of Thomas Harley underline the sparse geometric design, while the 15-bulb Lindsey Adelman chandelier, which hangs above the table, gives the room a sacral feel.

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Open kitchen dining area

Cabin Son, Norway, author Jon Danielsen Aarhus

The rectangular kitchen in this spruce-covered holiday home in Norway has a small dining room and a sofa bed.

The multipurpose space contains a long single kitchen with an oven and a sink, as well as several cupboards.

Colorful shelves above the panels add extra storage space and a vivid touch to the pale wood walls. A wooden table and black chairs by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen give the kitchen an elegant, modern feel.

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Casa Meco kitchen and dining room

Casa Meco, Portugal, Atelier Rua

The fitted kitchen, upholstered in decorative veneered marble, together with the corresponding breakfast island, is located in one corner of the huge main room of Casa Meco.

Wooden cabinets on both sides of the kitchen hide kitchen amenities. A long table made of pale wood with contrasting black chairs and a black bench can be used for large dinners, while the breakfast bar adds more seating options.

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House within a house of Alma-nac

House in a House, UK, by Alma-nac

Alma-nac’s joyous design for House-in-a-House in south London includes an extension with a kitchen and dining area. Here, simple white cabinets and a dark kitchen island sit on one side and offer enough space for preparing and cooking food.

In contrast, the dining table is complemented by plastic chairs in apple green style in vintage style. Their bright color takes on the yellow hue of the sofa in the raised living room next to the dining room.

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Apartment Mài in Vietnam designed by Whale Design Lab

Apartment Mài, Vietnam, Whale Design Lab

Graphic terrazzo surfaces adorn the kitchen space in this Vietnamese apartment by Whale Design Lab, designed by American architect Louis Kahn.

The splashback, worktop, breakfast island and floor were made of the material. Organic, curved shapes of the kitchen island and workspaces are mirrored on a gray dining table located under a small enclosed tree.

The bright red chairs of Dragonfly Einrichten Design give color to the color of the room.

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Interior of a kitchen in a London house

Quarter Glass House, UK, Proctor & Shaw

The design of the Proctor & Shaw Quarter Glass House is an extension of a London house that features a kitchen and dining room and is designed to have as much height and light as possible.

The studio lowered the floor to create more space, and the combined exposed timber with duck egg cabinets and shiny copper surfaces met the demand for warm and textured materials. The kitchen island with breakfast bar has practical shelves on one side, and long floating wall shelves add storage space.

A simple white table with rattan chairs can accommodate six people and overlooks the garden in front of the extension.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks that provide curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous brochures featuring quiet bedrooms, upholstered interiors and colorful kitchens.

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