Ten houses with interiors designed to exhibit art

For our next lookbook, we have selected 10 interiors from the Dezeen archive that are designed to showcase proprietary art collections.

The houses are designed for art collectors, professionals and enthusiasts who will be exhibiting their art collections.

Each has a special style, and some boast a minimal gallery-like interior, while others advocate a busy and eclectic look that reflects the pieces on display.

This is the latest review in our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provides visual inspiration to designers and design enthusiasts. Previous brochures include green Japanese interiors, U-shaped kitchens and interiors that use biomaterial.

Turners Studio, UK, author: Rodić Davidson Architects

Rodić Davidson Architects turned two art studios in London into a family home filled with eclectic furniture and a client’s art collection.

The home connects white brick walls with huge blank walls covered in artwork. The sloping glass roof allows light to filter into the open living room creating a bright and airy space.

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Double-height gallery at Windward House by Allison Brooks Architects

Windward House, UK, Alison Brooks Architects

Alison Brooks Architects added an extension to the Georgian farmhouse to turn it into a double-height gallery space.

The client’s art collection is on display on the walls of the extension and within a number of niches designed to hold specific pieces. A mini gallery with 100 small works is integrated into the main staircase of the house.

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Roly Poly chair by Faye Toogood according to art by Paul Rousso

Muskoka Cottage, Hotel Canada, by Ali Budd Interiors

The pure white walls were paired with wooden floors and wood-paneled ceilings in this log cabin designed by Ali Budd Interiors to serve as a backdrop for the client’s art collection.

Inside the cabin, a matte black Roly Poly chair by designer Faye Toogood and a whitish, yarn-wrapped footrest are placed beneath a large graphic work by American contemporary artist Paul Ross.

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John Wardle’s interior has an art-filled interior

Kew Residence, Australia, John Wardle Architects

John Wardle restored his own two-story house in Australia, adding Victorian ash to the walls and ceilings.

White painted wood-clad walls serve as a neutral backdrop for his collection of Japanese sculptures, pottery and colorful artwork.

Built-in shelves, cabinets and surfaces provide subtle spaces for storing architectural collections, without distracting from the green view of the surrounding landscape.

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Bookshelf and double height display case

House of Arts, The Netherlands, i29

The art collection of the tenants, which consists of about 100 pieces, is exhibited on two levels of this attic-style house designed by i29.

The double-height shelves, built of larch wood and gray HPL, hide the staircase leading to the mezzanine, and also contain books and small sculptures.

Gray resin was used on the floors of the house to provide a blank background for the collection.

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An interior space filled with art in an American house

Artery Residence, USA, by Huffta

As its name suggests, the Artery Residence design is derived from the owner’s extensive art collection.

Huge wall spaces have been created to display paintings, photographs and sculptures, and a custom lighting and climate control system, similar to those used in gallery spaces, helps preserve the pieces.

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Cambridge Residence by Stern McCafferty Architects

Cambridge Residence, USA, by Stern McCafferty Architects

This 20th-century country home in Massachusetts was renovated by Stern McCafferty Architects to better display the art of the owner.

The white matte walls were fitted with large substrates, connecting the space with the rural heritage, while the floors were lined with pale wood to echo the interiors of the galleries and museums in a similar way.

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An interior space filled with art in Italy

Casa Salvatori, Italy, by Elissa Ossino Studio

Built in a 200-year-old palace in Brera, Milan, this apartment designed by Elissa Ossino Studio was built for the head of the Italian stone brand Salvatori.

The home features marble and stone furniture, sculptures and artwork set on original terracotta house floors. Its wood-paneled ceiling was painted green, connecting the permanent elements of the living space with stone furniture and works of art in green tones.

The woven wicker armchair De Padova and the brown butterfly chair in the living room provide a soft contrast to the palette of stone materials.

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Home with white interiors

Four Seasons Residence, USA, by Magdalena Keck

Located in Tribeca in lower Manhattan, this two-bedroom house has a minimal, monochrome look.

A palette of neglected materials, high ceilings and large windows are designed to create a sophisticated space resembling an art gallery.

Herringbone floors, along with antique, contemporary and custom-made furniture, provide a space to feel at home.

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A home with an interior filled with art

Residence for two collectors, USA, by Wheeler Kearns Architects

This Chicago penthouse apartment was designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects for a pair of art collectors.

The open-plan space, which has walnut floors, is designed as a welcome home, but also functions as a space for events.

Works of art from the tenants ’collections, including George Nakashima’s bench, Harry Bertoie’s sculptures and Paul Evans’ furniture, are displayed throughout the apartment.

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This is the latest in our series of books that provide visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous books featuring U-shaped kitchens, quiet living rooms and home workspaces.

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