Ten kitchens with islands that make food preparation easier and more enjoyable

For this lookbook, we have selected ten kitchen interiors with kitchen islands that are both practical and social.

Kitchen islands are freestanding counter-height devices that are usually rectangular in shape and offer additional space for storage and preparation.

They work especially well in open spaces, providing a clear view between the kitchen and the dining room and offering a place where people can gather.

Here are ten architectural and interior design projects featuring kitchen islands, including one that uses a converted carpentry bench and another that is based on the work of artist Donald Judd.

This is the latest review of our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provides visual inspiration for the home. Previous kitchen related posts include green kitchens, terrazzo kitchens and kitchens with skylights.

Casa Aguantao, Chile, by Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados

Studio Santiago Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados used a pale pine for this linear kitchen, with a multifunctional island that attracted the view along the length of the narrow, glazed apartment towards the living room and the terrace further on.

The kitchen island has a large stainless steel sink and a hob at one end, while the other end serves as a dining table. The far end of the island contains a wood stove overlooking the living room.

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White Rabbit House, UK, Gundry & Ducker

White Rabbit House, UK, Gundry & Ducker

To renovate the 1970s house in London, British architectural studio Gundry & Ducker added that this kitchen island is painted in a striking shade of absinthe green.

The plate, which has a large console plate on one side to create a breakfast bar, is made of dark terrazzo lined with white stone chips. With a full-height storage room, the island faces a large-area room with two glazed double doors that open onto the garden.

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Rylett House, UK, Studio 30 Architects

Rylett House, UK, Studio 30 Architects

Studio 30 Architects remodeled an old carpentry desk into an unusual island for this Victorian home renovation project.

The antique wooden bench contrasts with the modern white kitchen units that surround the two walls. It serves as a sculptural strip that connects the food preparation area with the dining room on the other side of the spacious room facing the garden.

Hanging white Aim lights of Bouroullecs hang above the island.

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Glyn House, UK, Yellow Cloud Studio

Glyn House, UK, Yellow Cloud Studio

A striking black terrazzo surface with large, colorful aggregate linings, except for one side of this minimalist kitchen island, designed by Yellow Cloud Studio for a house extension project.

A double layer of oak drawers with bronze pull-out handles is located under the kitchen counter facing the bar which has a hob. On the other side of the island rises a narrow breakfast bar, behind which is a dining table with seating next to an exposed brick wall.

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House Hass, USA, Feuerstein Quagliara

House Hass, USA, Feuerstein Quagliara

Architectural firm Feuerstein Quagliara designed not one but two parallel islands for an open-plan kitchen, dining room and living room in this house in rural New York State.

Set at ninety degrees to the full-height warehouse along one wall, the island’s bases are made of the same plywood as the cabinets, and are covered with polished concrete slabs.

One island is inserted by a deep sink and an induction hob and has a niche for two-person adjustable bar counters Camp chairs Chicago designer Greta de Parry.

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Residence of Lake Geneva, USA, collective office

Architectural Practice in Chicago The Collective Office created a sharp, monolithic island to divide the kitchen and dining room of this contemporary look at a Wisconsin farmhouse.

The island is made of a caesarstone-like solid surface material robust concrete and below are pale cabinets with wood.

The color palette complements the silvery shingles of Alaskan yellow cedar that coated the exterior of the house. An additional sink is placed on the work surface, and there are handy electrical sockets at one end.

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Step House, UK, Gray Griffiths Architects

Step House, UK, Gray Griffiths Architects

A gray altar-like island is located in the middle of an open kitchen with a dining room of this London extension project Gray Griffiths Architects.

Deep wood shelves provide storage and display space along the side facing the dining table, with a sink with a corner mixing tap placed in the middle of the kitchen side.

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Ritson Road, UK, Gresford Architects

Ritson Road, UK, Gresford Architects

Pink is the theme of this kitchen extension built by Gresford Architects from pink colored concrete in London’s Hackney district. The vintage-style room has units along opposite walls, with a traditional Aga stove on one side. The dining table is in the adjacent, but separate space.

The narrow kitchen island, located in the center of the room, has pink cabinets with slotted handles. An apricot-colored marble countertop has been cut off to make room for a traditional ceramic sink.

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Shallmar Residence, Canada, StudioAC

Shallmar Residence, Canada, StudioAC

Canadian architectural practice StudioAC has referenced the work of artist Donald Judd with this sculptural kitchen island for an artistically filled house in Toronto.

The island is composed of four gray cubes made of Neolith brand kitchen material, and a white plate is placed on top, which is interrupted only by a small recessed sink.

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Extension to Barcelona, ​​Spain, from the Bonba studio

A simple wood-paneled kitchen island provides extra space and a breakfast bar with bar stools in this kitchen extension from Bonba Studio.

The plain white countertop contrasts with the dark red terracotta tiles leading to the tiled section, creating a functional and spacious open-plan kitchen dining area. It is illuminated with three pendant lights.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks that provide curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous brochures showing quiet bedrooms, quiet living rooms and colorful kitchens.

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