Ten L-shaped kitchens with large work space

The latest lookbook from our series that explores the layout of kitchens highlights L-shaped kitchens with two worktops that meet at 90 degrees.

L-shaped kitchens are organized in an L-shape, often fitting into a corner, but sometimes with one of the surfaces protruding like a peninsula.

In larger spaces, islands can be built into the design between the L-shaped counters to give extra space.

The L-shape is the most common kitchen layout along with U-shaped kitchens, single-sided kitchens, island kitchens, kitchen kitchens and peninsula kitchens.

This is the latest review of our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provides visual inspiration for the home. Previous kitchen-related posts include breakfast bars, compact kitchens and kitchens with skylights.

Farmhouse, Switzerland, Baumhauer

Set in a vaulted space within a traditional country house, this L-shaped kitchen uses clean lines to contrast with the historic nature of the building.

The kitchen consists of two stainless steel workbenches with stainless steel lower cabinets with drawers, cabinets and appliances.

One branch of La contains a stove located directly in front of a framed window so residents can have a view of the Swiss valley as they cook. The second counter has a sink built in opposite the serving opening that breaks through a thick stone wall between the dining area and the kitchen.

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kitchen made of plywood by Sanden + Hodnekvam Arkitekter

Cabin in Rones, Norway, Sanden + Hodnekvam Arkitekter

Built into a surrounded corner window, this birch plywood kitchen designed by Sanden + Hodnequam Architect includes a series of L-shaped floor cabinets.

A steel sink containing a large arrester is placed in the middle of the row of units, while an electric stove is placed on the other.

The cabinets and drawers below have a minimalist look with units aligned flush with the wooden panels in the kitchen and the cut-off handles.

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L-shaped kitchen by hayhurst and co

London Apartment, UK, Hayhurst and Co

This kitchen in the back of a London apartment is built under a partially sloping wood-paneled ceiling that follows the topography of the garden.

A row of white floor units covered with a marble slab with a built-in sink is placed under a large full-width window overlooking the sloping garden. The counter extends along the kitchen wall forming the letter L which contains an electric hob.

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Kitchen in the shape of the letter l by vaughn mcquarrie

Onero House, New Zealand, by Vaughn McQuarrie

Overlooking Hauraki Bay, this wooden house in New Zealand uses materials selected for their texture and robustness.

The open kitchen-dining room is located under a single-storey roof with north-facing windows.

The plywood kitchen units set up two walls with a sink located next to a large window overlooking the bay.

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Reform custom Ikea kitchen

Headquarters of Stina Goya, Copenhagen by reform

This communal kitchen at the headquarters of the Stine Goya fashion brand runs along two walls of a room that has buttered yellow walls and light wooden floors.

The Danish brand Reform has updated IKEA cabinets with brass doors and handles to create a metallic look. The numbers are covered with a contrasting black laminate board that matches the black devices.

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green painted kitchen by Carmine Van Der Linden and Thomas Geldof

Belgian Apartment, Belgium, Carmine Van Der Linden and Thomas Geldof

Carmine Van Der Linden and Thomas Geldof painted the birch cabinets in this L-shaped kitchen with green algae to connect the space with their coastal surroundings.

Alga Marina marble was used for kitchen countertops to add a neutral contrast to the dark green color.

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Kitchen in the shape of the letter l, author Karin Matz and francesco di Gregorio

Apartment Föhr, Germany, Francesco Di Gregorio and Karin Matz

Francesco Di Gregorio and Karin Matzhay turned the hay of a thatched-roof country house on the island of Föhr in Germany into this apartment.

Its L-shaped kitchen is located opposite the sloping roof, between the bathroom and the bedroom. The architectural duo lined the walls with thousands of ceramic tiles, each drilled with a special hole to reveal the blue dot that shaped the sea of ​​dots.

Wooden cabinets merge with the wooden floors of the apartments and contain kitchen appliances and storage. Due to the small footprint, the circular sink, electric stove and stove were organized side by side within a longer work surface along the tiled wall.

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L-shaped kitchen by Lagado Architects

Workhome-Playhome, The Netherlands, Lagado Architects

Ash wood cabinets, orange-orange niches, blue terrace floors and green cabinets fill this L-shaped kitchen in Rotterdam.

The wall of square white tiles is framed by an upper green display case hung over the sink, stove top and granite worktops.

Tea cabinets complement the blue terrazzo floors in the kitchen, which mark the space of light wood floors in the living area. The breakfast bar in front of the window becomes an extension of the workspace and can be used as additional preparation space.

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L-shaped kitchen by ras arquitectura

Apartment Corsega, Spain, RAS Arquitectura

This simple kitchen combines a bright white display case, steel appliances, a gray wreath and an open piping.

Cabinets above the head surround a venous marble ring and extend over the work surface, which extends into the room and is also used for breakfast.

A steel oven and microwave are built into the cabinet at the end of the kitchen, connecting with a metal handle and open vacuum fan tubes.

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Kichen L-shaped by Denizen Works

Extension One, UK, by Denizen Works

An oak worktop is wrapped in white cabinets in this Denizen Works residential extension. A white tiled cover wraps around L-shaped slabs under a large oak shelf and a rectangular window overlooking the garden.

The studio added a large L-shaped skylight supported by large oak beams above the bar that housed the sink.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks that provide curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous books featuring colorful interiors, quiet living rooms and colorful kitchens.

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