Ten single-layer kitchens designed by architects that free up floor space

Continuing our series of kitchen books, we selected ten projects from Dezeen’s archive with kitchens organized along one wall.

Single-tier kitchens have a simple, linear layout that takes up less space than other configurations, while at the same time creating a less cluttered layout.

They are popular in small interiors, as well as in larger open-plan spaces, because they open the kitchen to the rest of the room, instead of closing it behind an island, breakfast bar or peninsula.

This is the latest review of our Dezeen Lookbooks series that provides visual inspiration for the home. Previous roundings regarding the kitchen include kitchen dining rooms, kitchen kitchens and compact kitchens.

Setagaya Flat, Japan, by Naruse Inokuma Architects

Spread along a cement wall, this linear kitchen by Naruse Inokuma Architects extends the length of the open plan dining area.

Instead of standard cabinets with doors, the kitchen features two long, parallel wooden shelves and a countertop.

Finishing parts are usable, with raw plaster walls and ceiling, plywood partitions and pine floor.

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Septembre added a gray kitchen with one wall to this French home

Hubert, France, until September

The two zones of this kitchen dining room are marked with floors, wood in the dining room and concrete in the kitchen area.

White units are arranged above and below the marble spray and work surface, and wall cabinets are stopped briefly to open the window.

Prior to the conversion, the kitchen was a narrow kitchen, but the architects removed the partition to create an open plan space. The floor-to-ceiling pipes remain a reminder of previous internal divisions.

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Larissa Johnston built a single-ply kitchen as part of the plywood unit

Maisonette Islington, London, by Larissa Johnston

This one-layer kitchen in the Islington penthouse is built inside plywood that separates the kitchen dining room from the staircase behind.

The warmth of plywood is contrasted with industrial finishes in the form of poured concrete floor and spray of stainless steel, plate and oven lining.

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Green geometric single-layer kitchen Studio Razavi

Apartment XVII, France, Studio Razavi

A sea green kitchen was set next to the fireplace with antique stone in this French apartment, Studio Razavi. A row of cabinets is located under the slate worktop.

Above this is a geometric layout consisting of a shelf, a high-level cabinet and a zigzag, two-tone spray.

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Sheet / RockLA single layer plywood kitchen

Mountain Cabin, USA, by Sheet / RockLA

Sheet / RockLA built this kitchen under the gabled roof of a cottage in a California mountain town. It contains plywood shelves, cabinets and drawers.

The sink is placed in the middle below a small rectangular window, flanked by two top shelves.

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David Van Galen's wooden single-layer kitchen

Small House / Large Shed, USA, by David Van Galen

Located on Whidbey Island in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, American architect David Van Galen used a Douglas closet for the kitchen of this holiday home.

Instead of splashing, the kitchen has a series of windows that open and provide a view of the forest, while the large window above allows more light to enter the kitchen dining room.

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SAM Architects used a wall with a display

MAP House, UK, SAM Architects

Located inside the century-old Mews house in London, SAM Architects has created a durable single-layer kitchen that looks and looks like a workshop.

Along the wall are built colorful units of colored plywood, while the gray tile allows you to place small shelves at will.

The kitchen is completed by a polished concrete floor and a gray linoleum worktop.

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Giannikis used pastel greenery in the single-wall kitchen

Apartment Nikis by the coast, Greece, Giannikis

Pastel-green cabinets were used throughout the kitchen to contrast the original geometric red floor tiles in the apartment.

The kitchen has a simple but traditional construction, which uses a number of upper and lower cabinets. The work surfaces and sprinklers are made of white marble, adding a more neutral contrast to the pastel-green finish of the room.

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EBBA Architects used clean lines in this single-layer kitchen

Warehouse conversion, UK, by EBBA Architects

Built under a mezzanine floor in a refurbished match factory, this one-sided kitchen has a minimal design using clean lines and a white palette.

It contains one row of cabinets that lean against a wooden shelf in the adjoining living room. Half of the sprayer uses the same white surface material as the work surfaces, while the curved faucet gives a copper accent.

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Atelier Fala directed the single-story kitchen toward the courtyard

Mint floor apartment, Portugal, by Fala Atelier

Portuguese studio Fala Atelier has installed a blue kitchen in a wedge-shaped space in this apartment in Porto.

A marble ring of dark veins and two-tone wardrobes combine into an unusual palette. The compact kitchen is supported by a sliding glass door leading to the terrace.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks that provide curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration, check out previous books depicting colorful interiors, outdoor fireplaces and roof gardens.

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