The colors define the functions in the apartment in Athens by Point Supreme Architects

A previously hidden central light funnel enters this once dark and enclosed apartment in Athens designed by local architects Point Supreme Architects.

Located in the city center, on the sixth floor of an 1980s Athens polycathic building – a concrete apartment block consisting of family apartments with floor balconies – the two-bedroom apartment Trikoui is owned by a young couple.

Kitchen with wooden island and built-in green shelves in Trikoupi apartment
On one side of the apartment runs a storage wall of stained green plywood

Previously, the apartment was small and cramped with small rooms and hallways, and natural light and views outside were very limited. The owners wanted to open up the interior to create a brighter space that was more suited to modern life.

Point Supreme Architects he redesigned the floor plan to create a unique open plan space that combines a living room, dining room and kitchen.

Green built-in storage inside Point Supreme Architects
A golden curtain hides the study

The most important thing for the renovation was the use of a previously closed light shaft that broke through the center of the apartment.

Architects have installed generous windows on all four sides of the concrete shaft, which now bring light into the once dark interior of the apartment.

“They create deep views through the apartment and create fascinating light effects during the day; you can follow the complete flow of the sun from dawn to dusk,” the studio told Dezeen.

Wooden floors and pink shelves in the Trikoupi apartment
A built-in pink dump envelops the central light space

In the absence of partition walls, a number of colorful built-in pieces of furniture help to define the different zones and functions in the open space.

They include a storage wall made of stained green plywood that extends the entire length of one side of the apartment.

Pink-toned kitchen with Wood Supreme Architects wooden floors
The kitchen contains storage in various shades of pink

A light pink kitchen with a marble countertop surrounds the central light space, while a nearby cabinet island is surrounded by dark pink appliances.

A custom-made wooden dining table with a steel frame that runs alongside the kitchen is also a kitchen island with a red Corian hob.

Wooden floor and tiled fireplace in Trikoupi apartment
A fireplace with a paved mantle is located next to the entrance

“Clients also love to cook and have friends,” the architects explained.

“So we decided to open the kitchen and ‘expand’ it into the space so that cooking and preparing meals becomes a social activity, connected and at the center of what’s going on in the apartment. It’s not even a room, but a collection of objects.”

The entrance area is wrapped in wooden mesh, and a wall of light blue closets covers the hallway between the two bedrooms. The golden curtain that hides the study in the apartment is an element that appears in many studio projects.

“It’s a very unexpected,‘ formal ’element that appears in an informal way, on the periphery, in a relatively undescribed space,” the studio explained. “So the curtain reverses this state and inspires a playful attitude.”

Apartment with wooden floors and pink storage by Point Supreme Architects
The wooden floors have an entire apartment

Finishing floors also help define different spaces: a mosaic floor outlines the kitchen space, while oak parquet is used throughout the living room. The bathrooms use blue square tiles and stone, and the entrance is marked with red epoxy paint.

“Color and materials are strategically used throughout the space to formulate the character of different constructions, furniture, elements,” the studio said. “They work through complementarity; they organize relationships and oppositions.”

Entrance period with wooden floors and pink vinyl in the Trikoupi apartment
Red vinyl marks the entrance to the apartment

“One of the first elements she opted for was a pink light shaft that works continuously with the warm wooden floor of most apartments. The long plywood storage wall painted green has a texture that contrasts with the soft-pink color of the shaft,” the studio continued.

“Different colors and textures work differently with light, some reflect and some absorb, so the space works really fantastically with different lighting conditions throughout the day.”

Bathroom with white tiles and marble floors in Trikoupi apartment
The bathroom is finished with a stone floor

Point Supreme Architects, founded in Rotterdam in 2008 by Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou and now headquartered in Athens, is known for its use of vibrant colors, patterns and textures.

In 2015, he added patterned tiles, geometric screens and a bright yellow staircase to another apartment in the Greek capital to create a postmodern interior.

It’s a photo Yannis Drakoulidis.

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