The “Kitchen of Love” highlights the beauty of the wood in this Copenhagen apartment

Guard Hvalsøe creates kitchen and interior solutions, designing spaces for world-famous chefs such as René Redzepi from Nome. Designer Thomas Lykke, who runs OEO Studio together with Anne-Marie Buemann she needed a new kitchen in her apartment in Copenhagen. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the two of them came together to collaborate on The model of happiness, a modular solution for custom kitchen furniture that emphasizes the beauty of wood and classic workmanship.

Like the Hvalsøa Guard, Lykke admires the nature and characteristics of wood, a gratitude that stemmed from his childhood spent with his grandfather, a craftsman who often worked in his workshop. Share:

The tree is special. You have to understand its nature and it is important to remember that wood grew for twenty, fifty, sometimes hundreds of years to produce wood for my carpenter’s kitchen.

The design of the Lykke model came from a previous project by OEO Studio and Garde Hvalsøe, “Cabinet of Love”, an exhibition pair designed for the Wallpaper * Handmade X 2019 exhibition. The furniture is designed to enjoy playing vinyl records and listening to music. Lykke’s “Kitchen of Love” follows the same design and functionality. The metal stand creates a contrast with the solid wood body. Metal is also used in slender vertical partitions between cabinets. The marble slab seemingly floats above the wood thanks to the slightly raised position and the use of cladding with grooves in the shade. Drawers with visible finger joints further emphasize the beauty of the wood and pay homage to the traditional art of wardrobe making.

Like the unique items Lykke has collected from around the world in her kitchen, the Lykke model is a precious piece of furniture that is both skillful and functional, and is used and enjoyed for years to come.

Photos by Michael Rygaard.

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