The Vipp pen factory hosts clubs for dinner in Copenhagen

The Danish brand of home utensils Vipp has expanded to food by creating space for pop-up dinner clubs in the former Viking pencil factory in Copenhagen.

Planned to launch during the annual 3-Day Design Festival, Vipp Pencil Factory is a 400-square-foot exhibition space that will host guest chefs from around the world, creating a catering experience for up to 26 guests.

The space was originally a Viking pencil factory

The space was styled by an interior designer Julie Cloos Mølsgaard, combining furniture and accessories from Vippa collection of works from local design galleries, including Etage Projects, 2112 and Galleri Nils Stærk.

Located on the island of Brygge, the pen factory has been closed since the 1970s, when Viking – the maker behind the ubiquitous Danish yellow school pens – was taken over by a rival company.

Mølsgaard’s design sees a large industrial space become more comfortable and intimate, with the introduction of wooden furniture and floors along with tactile fabrics in the form of curtains, rugs and pillows.

Dinner at the Vipp Club for dinner
Vipp uses the venue to hold pop-up dinner clubs

Food will be prepared in Vipp’s modular kitchen V2, which is located in the center of the space.

Wide concrete stairs lead to the dining room, where a long table with a suitable limestone surface is accompanied by swivel chairs in black leather. Folded paper hanging lamps hang above your head, while the background is provided by large windows.

Piano in the Vipp pen factory
Dinners will be accompanied by musical performances

This understated color palette extends to living rooms, where visual interest is provided by original works of art, ceramics and sculptural pieces of furniture.

There is also a grand piano that creates space for musical performances.

Living room in the Vipp pen factory
The space features muted textiles, wooden floors and ceramic items

“I got rid of playing and experimenting with a free mix of Vipp classics, upcoming products and prototypes,” Mølsgaard said.

“The Vipp pen factory acts as a kind of testing lab where we can test new ideas, shapes and materials in unconventional ways.”

Sculpture table in the Vipp pencil factory
Works of art and limited edition design pieces were purchased from local galleries

The project is the latest in a series of new ventures for Vipp, which began as a manufacturer of metal pedal drawers.

The brand now also offers hotel accommodation – either in a prefabricated micro cabin in a Swedish forest, or in an attic apartment at the top of the headquarters in Copenhagen.

Vipp also recently launched a hybrid showroom in New York City, which is used both as a showroom and as a pied-à-terre for Sofia and Frank Christensen Egelund owners when they are in town.

The pop-up window of the Viking pencil factory marks its first venture in the restaurant industry.

Vipp V2 kitchen
Food will be prepared in the kitchen in the center of the space

The Vipp pencil factory will be officially opened on September 16, during 3 days of design, with a public bar.

The first club for dinner will then take place on September 23, with a dinner prepared by Italian chef Riccardo Canella, a former chef for research and development in Noma.

The photo is from Anders Schønnemann.

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Project: Vipp
Interior design: Julie Cloos Mølsgaard
Floors: Dinesen
Curtains and carpets: Square
Color: Jotun
Audio: B&O
Electrical appliances: Miele
Shower: Dornbracht
Tiles: Made by Mano

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