Tropical tree houses and villas make up the Mexican hotel One & Only Mandarina

Villas and suites on a tree overlook the cliffs of this hotel surrounded by jungle on the Pacific coast of Mexico, allowing guests to bathe in views from private pools.

The The one and only mandarin The hotel is located above a series of sandy coves on the Nayarit Riviera, about an hour and a half drive north of Puerto Vallarte.

Aerial view of the One & Only Mandarina Hotel
Hotel One & Only Mandarina is set on the cliffs of Mexico’s Pacific coast

Designed by Tucson Rick Joy Architects and executed by a team of local designers and craftsmen, the complex consists of a collection of communal buildings surrounded by 105 detached apartments.

In the heart of the hotel is an outdoor living area arranged around a black pool.

Apartment on a tree among the leaves of the rainforest
Accommodation options include the Treehouse Apartments, which are 12 meters above the ground

“Reminiscent of the open porches of traditional Mexican haciendas, the outdoor living area features comfortable woven sets and rocking chairs from Mexican tropical forests, such as Parota and Teak,” the hotel operators said.

Accommodation options are divided between villas and tree houses, and both can be booked perched on cliffs or nestled in a dense rainforest.

Ocean view from Treehouse Apartments
The tallest Treehouse Apartments have panoramic ocean views

The log cabins are raised 12 feet off the ground, swallowed by tropical foliage that encroaches on their private outdoor decks and submerged pools.

Some have ocean views, and a select few at the highest elevation enjoy panoramic views of the coast.

Suite on a tree on the terrace
The interior of the Treehouse apartment (picture above) opens onto the terraces and enters the pools (this picture)

The walls, floors and ceilings in the tree houses were formed from local Cumaru wood in an attempt to connect the interiors and their surroundings.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing of bedrooms can be completely pulled back to create indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor bathtubs are partially enclosed by wooden slats, while the showers inside are lined with dark stone.

When on a tree
Treehouse Apartments also feature bathtubs that are partially open to the elements

“Open structures capture natural light, filtered through tall trees,” they said from the hotel.

while traditional Mexican design elements have been re-imagined, including sloping roofs with large overhangs, nodding their heads to local palaps of modern, luxurious design, ”

The larger villas have earthen walls relating to historic buildings once built on the site by the indigenous peoples of Cora.

Funnel-shaped roofs are lined with tropical wood and narrow to glass skylights, adding natural light coming from the glazed retractable walls.

Villa with funnel-shaped ceiling
Guests can also stay in larger villas with earthen walls and pitched roofs

Transparent curtains help control glare and privacy, fitting into furniture and accessories in neutral tones.

Outdoor showers, also covered with earth plaster, increase the experience of staying in the rainforest.

Villa bathroom
Villas have spacious bathrooms and outdoor showers

Two and three bedroom villas are available for larger parties, families or those who want more space. Some have private dining areas, cinemas, hot tubs and fireplaces.

Villa One, the most exclusive property offer, also has its own wine cellar, spa and gym.

Villa terrace
Villas also have private diving pools and ocean views

One & Only Mandarina, which opened on November 1, 2020, also offers several dining options for guests spread out in its spacious location.

In addition to the shared pool, Alma Restaurant offers a varied selection of dishes from the garden to plates, while Mexican cuisine designed by renowned chef Enrique Olvera can be sampled on Carao Cliff.

Jetty Beach Club Restaurant
Hotel options include the Jetty Beach Club holiday restaurant

The Treetop Bar offers cocktails and light meals to enjoy at sunset, while next to the sand is the Jetty Beach Club, named after the semicircular structure that descends from the cliff into the water.

This casual restaurant serves seafood to tables and beach cabins overlooking the ocean.

Canopy bar
The Treetop Bar serves cocktails to enjoy while watching the sunset

From Baja California to Oaxaca, the Pacific coast of Mexico has no end of resorts and boutique hotels for visitors.

Among the recently completed options for design lovers are the El Perdido Hotel in Pescadero, Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido and Hotel Paradero in Todos Santos.

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