Warm lighting Balmuda The Lantern

As the fun transformation of my colleague’s backyard most vividly illustrates, there is little doubt that this summer will evolve into an enthusiastic season of outdoor fun. Breakfast, lunch and dinner outdoors have always been a popular way to entertain friends and family, and this year many plan to use their backyards as a safe place to return to socialize. If you plan to have friends for evening events, lighting can play an important role in creating an attractive and warm atmosphere, which is like Balmuda The Lantern is very suitable for.

The Japanese brand is best known for its special toaster oven, which is capable of baking bread with a sensitive degree of moisture, rewarding each bite with a crispy crisp before revealing a steamy soft environment. Balmuda took a similar approach to lighting, focusing on providing a certain degree of subtlety by capturing the essence of atmospheric lighting, rather than simply shining brightly.

Although the most obvious use is outdoors, the portable design also acts as an attractive night light that improves mood.

Weighing under 1.5 lbs and protected by IP 54 (dust and splash resistant), the lantern design largely borrows the silhouette of gas lanterns, but is finished with a modern matte exterior and has a cylindrical LED element that suggests users that this lantern is a contemporary interpretation of classic design.

Unlike a gas lamp, The Lantern is much easier to use, working with a single steering wheel. At the lowest setting, the light dances a gentle warm orange like a flickering candle for up to 50 hours of use. Set it to the highest setting, the light is bright and white, inviting it to be used as a light source while walking or illuminating a table top or other outdoor setting, shortening battery life to three hours. In both cases, a full charge requires an overnight charge of 6 hours.

Balmuda The Lantern is available in black or white, for retail $ 199. For other outdoor lanterns and lighting options, also check out Design Milk Shop and our selection of other lighting options to illuminate your summer outings and gatherings.

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